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New Books
Sparkly new friends
Broken throne : a red queen collection
How it feels to float
Under the moon : a Catwoman tale
Romanov : a novel
With the fire on high
The mother-in-law
Splat the Cat and the lemonade stand
Awâsis and the world-famous bannock
A little house in a big place
Lion and mouse
The little book of big what-ifs
TBH, IDK what
Baby astronaut
Prank wars!
Things my son needs to know about the world
Just Jaime
Knights vs. monsters
Shifting shadows
The first
A wolf called Wander
If I was the sunshine
Lottie & Walter
Pete the Cat and the itsy bitsy spider
Wow! look what vehicles can do!
Let love have the last word : a memoir
Butterflies on the first day of school
You made me a dad
Summer at the seashore
Young Mozart
A skunk in my bunk!