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New Books
The Queen of the Night
Thrawn : alliances
A measure of darkness : a novel
The day of the dead : a novel
Murder at Ochre Court
The quiet side of passion : an Isabel Dalhousie novel
Endless water, starless sky
Sea witch
The darkest legacy
Royal crown
Ruin of stars
The revolution
Dance of thieves
The Forest Queen
Lovely, dark, and deep
The cheerleaders
Wish upon a sleepover
Miss communication
Who was Selena?
Hurricane heroes in Texas
Mr. Monkey bakes a cake
Click, clack, boo! : a tricky treat
Want to play trucks?
The ugly five
The pirates of Scurvy Sands : starring the Jolley-Rogers
This story is a lie
Better late than never
The middleman : a novel
The distance home : a novel
The bouncer : a novel
I am still alive
Girl at the grave
Grace and fury
The future will be BS free
Heart of thorns
Catwoman : Soulstealer
Good luck with that : a novel