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Automatic renewal is coming to the Inland Library Network beginning May 1!

Patrons will no longer need to manually renew eligible items before they are due. Borrowed items will be renewed automatically three days before the due date, with certain exceptions. Items belonging to Riverside County-Temecula Public Library, Murrieta Public Library or Inyo County Free Library are NOT eligible for automatic renewal at this time.


When will my items automatically renew?

The system will attempt to renew your checked out items three days before the due date. If unsuccessful, you will continue to receive notices about due dates or overdue items and you may try to renew again any time before you return the item.

How will I know if my item was renewed?

If your item was eligible for renewal, your new due date will be calculated based on the original due date. For example, you borrow a book for 14 days. If the book was originally due on March 1, the new due date when it renews will be March 15. The email reminder message that is sent three days prior to the original due date will display the new due date for automatically renewed items and the original due date for ineligible items. If you haven't already done so, contact your local branch to opt into email notices.

You can check your due dates at any time:

  • By logging into your online account
  • By calling the automated renewal line at 1-888-388-0664
  • With a staff member during library hours

Why didn't my items renew?

Items won't be renewed if:

  • The item belongs to Riverside County-Temecula Public Library, Murrieta Public Library or Inyo County Free Library. Items belonging to Riverside County-Grace Mellman Library ARE eligible for automatic renewal.
  • The item is on hold for another patron
  • The item reached its maximum number of renewals
  • Your account is blocked due to fines
  • The item is a digital item, such as an ebook or eaudiobook

What happens if my items aren't automatically renewed?

If the system was unable to renew your items three days before the due date, you may try manually renewing them at any time. If a hold request prevented your item from renewing and was subsequently cancelled or filled by another copy, you may manually renew the item.

Can I opt out of the auto-renewal feature?

No. If you do not wish to keep the renewed items, you are welcome to return them at any time.

Questions? Please contact your local Inland library branch for more information.