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Drama, magic, and fated romance weave through narratives from a trio of uniquely gifted young dragons. When they believe they've discovered their true destiny, another potential future appears, and the dragonets learn the right choice isn't always easy to discern. This prequel to the Wings of Fire series features intriguingly complex characters, with snarky contemporary-feeling dialogue adding interest for young fantasy fans. Copyright 2017 Horn Book Guide Reviews.

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Gr 4–7—Thousands of years before the time of the Dragonet Prophecy, Darkstalker is born to parents from warring tribes—Arctic, an Icewing; and Foeslayer, a NightWing. Arctic is an animus, a rare dragon so powerful and dangerous that some tribes don't even allow them to live. Each time an animus uses magic, he loses a piece of his soul. Darkstalker has inherited his father's magical ability, along with the gift of prophecy. He knows his future involves a NightWing named Clearsight, and she, a seer herself, is also aware that their fates are entwined. Far away in the SeaWing kingdom, a terrible tragedy brings another animus, Fathom, into their lives. Fathom is tasked with controlling the carefree and arrogant Darkstalker, who casts spell after careless spell, putting the dragonets, and all of Pyrrhia, at risk. This first book in the "Legends" series is a prequel to "Wings of Fire" and is middle grade high fantasy at its most fun. The story moves along at a breakneck pace as the dragons face dangerous situations, cast enchantments, and even fall in love. Fully fleshed-out worlds, sarcastic dragon humor, and an intriguing backstory will more than please the many loyal fans of the original series. VERDICT Young fantasy fans will adore this.—Mandy Laferriere, Fowler Middle School, Frisco, TX

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