× The Simi Valley Public Library is now open to the public with limited capacity.
We are still providing curbside hold pickups for those who need it. Please check the library website for further information.
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New Books
Confessions from the quilting circle
Olympus, Texas
Great circle
Family law
Tiny tales
Summer on the bluffs : a novel
A dog
Hour of the witch : a novel
Find you first : a novel
Flat white
1637 : the Peacock Throne
Gold mine massacre
Go West, young man
Keeping Lucy : a novel
Redfish Oak
Bungo stray dogs. 18
Lover unveiled
Family reunion : a novel
An invincible summer
Finding Ashley : a novel
The lady has a past
Country proud
A distant shore : a novel
The woman with the blue star
The most beautiful girl in Cuba
The cottage on Lighthouse Lane
A gambling man
The newcomer
Murder on Wall Street
21st birthday
Mean and shellfish
In her tracks
Bone rattle
Project Hail Mary : a novel
The presidency!
My heart beats
Germs up close